Hair Loss or Hair Fall: Which is Your Be Faced

Hair Loss or Hair Fall: Which is Yours To Be Faced?

A blink of an eye took you and my life, but it did not take my hair loss problem. This trouble of hair loss not only plagues men, but it also makes a handsome guy become the uncle of everyone's mouth, and it also plagues many women. As a woman, hair can be said to be the second life of her life. So how to avoid hair loss? Or are you in the hair fall hair loss, how to slow the hair loss and treatment? Is there any possibility of hair growth?


Understand hair loss and hair fall

The composition of the hair shaft and hair follicles will become hair. At the hair follicle, the part that looks larger from the bottom is called a hair bulb, and the hair bulb is composed of hair cells, dermal papilla, capillaries, and nerve endings. Hair is mitotically and differentiated by hair cells, while dermal papilla cells and capillaries in the dermal papilla provide sufficient nutrients for hair growth. So simply speaking, hairballs are quite important for hair growth.



Let's talk about the hair shaft's hair, the hair is life cycle like a human, and the hair has to be changed again every 2 to 7 years. In this process of renewal, it is divided into three different stages, namely the growth period, the regression period and the rest period. Since the time taken by these three stages is different, according to the average person's hair calculated by 100,000, then we can calculate that it is normal to drop about 100 per day. And if there is a lot of obvious shedding, then it should be taken seriously.


How is hair loss generate?

The actual cause of hair loss is actually very complicated, such as genetics, immune, endocrine, metabolic, nutritional status, environmental factors, diet, sleep and so on. For the sake of explanation, we have divided the main types of hair loss into the following types:

  1. Androgen alopecia

The most common alopecia is definitely male androgenetic alopecia. In simple terms, it is the androgen testosterone. When it enters the cell, it can directly enter the nucleus, while the other part is transformed into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by the action of 5-A reductase in the cell and then enter the nucleus to transcribe the DNA. Changes affect the synthesis of related proteins and affect the growth of hair follicles. In simple terms, people with strong androgen secretion are usually more prone to hair loss, and common cases often occur in men. Women occasionally cause this type of hair loss due to hormone secretion disorder, such as postpartum, but not like Men are so serious, they just become sparse. This type is called female diffuse hair loss.

For this type of hair loss, it is currently mainly to inhibit the action of 5-A reductase. In addition, 5-A reductase is not only found in hair follicle cells, but also in sebaceous glands, which can cause a large amount of oil secretion. This is the real cause of greasy male greasy, which is why this type of hair loss is called seborrheic. Causes of hair loss


  1. Alopecia areata

Alopecia areata is what we call ghost shaving. There is a piece of patchy hair loss on the scalp. Normally, neuropsychiatric factors are considered to be an important cause of alopecia areata, which is related to excessive mental stress and overwork. Atopic and autoimmune problems can also occur with alopecia areata, such as asthma, vitiligo and thyroid disease. Similarly, for this type of hair loss treatment, it is mainly for the treatment of autoimmune diseases, genetic allergies, and mental factors.


  1. symptomatic hair loss

This is another type of hair loss. Any systemic disease, malnutrition or toxic side effects of taking drugs can have symptoms of hair loss, but the degree of hair loss is not specified. Under normal circumstances, this caused hair loss will slowly return to normal after stopping the drug without special treatment. There is also a disease that can cause diffuse hair loss symptoms, which means that the amount of hair loss increases significantly in a short period of time, making the hair sparse. For this type of hair loss, it is accompanied by symptoms, and of course, it is effective to treat the main disease. Female postpartum hair loss is due to the rapid decline in estrogen levels in women after childbirth, which leads to a rapid increase in the hair during rest. Therefore, the average female will have a disability after 4 to 6 months of postpartum, but she will not be nervous because she will slowly return to normal within a year.


  1. The symptoms of hair loss caused by seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, and other skin diseases

These symptoms of hair loss caused by seborrheic dermatitis, eczema and other skin diseases are actually a kind of symptomatic hair loss. Here we take it out separately because this type of hair loss is directly related to the scalp, except for the application. In addition to medical treatment, in the category of cosmetics, or in the field of medical beauty, some raw materials that are approved by cosmetics may also be used to assist treatment. For example, 5-A reductase inhibitors can inhibit the secretion of sebum, thereby reducing inflammation caused by excessive sebum, and some vitamins can also help regulate the scalp and restore its function to normal. At the same time, some anti-dandruff shampoo has a good effect on inhibiting the growth of fungi, so it also has a positive effect.


How to deal with hair loss?

Regardless of the type of hair loss, the first thing we need to do is to develop good shampoo and hair care habits and habits in life. If using a shampoo that is too irritating to the scalp may increase the chance of hair loss, it is important to choose a mild shampoo. If someone with a hair loss problem chooses a shampoo, it is important to choose a shampoo that is soft to the touch. Otherwise, it will be knotted when washing the hair. It is easier to tear off some hair that is in the rest period.


In addition, have a good life and eating habits. Long-term insomnia or lack of sleep can cause metabolic disorders and affect blood circulation, shorten hair growth cycle and cause hair loss, and prefer sweet food, greasy food is also a bad factor for hair loss because sweets will produce a lot of metabolism in our body. The acidic substances and oxygen, destroying the vitamin B, disturbing the normal metabolism of hair and causing hair loss, sugar, and greasy foods produce a lot of high heat energy, so that the secretion of sebaceous glands is strong, and the accumulation of subcutaneous fat, hindering the nutritional supply and easy of hair follicles It causes seborrheic dermatitis, which affects the normal development of hair and aggravates hair loss. The trend of hair loss is younger, which is closely related to the pressure, living habits and eating habits of young people. One of the important differences between Miss and Auntie is that it is in volume! Active anti-hair loss prevention and treatment should be carried out as soon as possible. Many people think that hair loss is hereditary, but in fact, including androgen-derived hair loss, can prevent or at least delay hair loss.


Conclusion on the prevention of hair loss:

In life, in addition to ensuring a good living and eating habits, when choosing a product, you should consider the situation and cause of your own hair loss and choose products in a targeted manner.

Finally, it is emphasized that there is hair loss and don't worry about fear. As long as it is not the type that is bald, it can still be improved after using the right product. The premise is that you can insist on using it. If some people are too lazy to move or have no time, they can choose to go to some professional formal treatment for hair loss.

Preventing hair loss is a systematic process and it needs to be sustained for a long time. Whether you take it off or not, it is necessary to understand.


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再来说说这毛干处的毛发,头发也像人一样是有生命周期的,头发每隔2至7年就要重新换过一次。在这个换新的过程中分为三个不同的阶段,分别为生长期,退行期和休止期。由于这三个阶段占用的时间有所不同,所以根据一般人的头发以10万根作为计算,那么我们就可以算出每天大约掉落100根都算是正常的现象。 而如果明显脱落很多,那就要引起重视了。
























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