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Thank you idoromo for your hair result. Im more than happy and fullfill my needs. I also wanna thank my hair consultant max.

Royce Wong

True enough after 3 months of using it (alternate between Scalp Balancing and Spa Balancing) my dandruff problem have been resolved and also no more itchy scalp.

Tan Saw Yan

Very good shampoo, i like it. Easy to wash for long and thick hair like me.

Jojo Fan

I have scalp care problem ,oily hair , scar and itchy scalp .After I try the sample my problem are reduced .Thanks for Jia Xin promo a good product for me.

Jovis Wong


Lily Yam


Tew Sin Yan


Ck Wong


J'ni Liang

Sangat baguss...dlm seminggu jer dah ada kesan positif!!! U all should try this product!!!Lupakan yang lain!!!

Hafiz Rosli Nazuha Fuad

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