About Us




Since 2013, IDOROMO Professional Shampoo has helped local consumers to rid themselves of scalp problems and protects the health of hair from outside in. In year 2016, IDOROMO has extended the product line to Facial and Skin Care that effectively control and/or eliminate dryness, skin disorder and scalp disorders skin conditions.

In past few years, the company registered more that 100% growth in each year’s revenue generating and more than 6,000 membership customer from 20,000 loyal customer base for the financial year ended 30 June 2017. The customer base widely from Klang Valley, Southern Malaysia, Penang, Perak and East Malaysia. In January of 2017, IDOROMO has expand the business in Singapore and there was contributed 10% revenue in first half year.

Our Mission

IDOROMO professional product's mission has always been to provide effective solutions to common hair care and skin care needs.

Our Vision

IDOROMO to be recognized for providing the highest standards and quality In Hair, Facial and Skin Care for healing and beautifying

Our Promise

IDOROMO create products that you can TRUST for safety, quality, and effectiveness.