Hair Growth Device

hair growth treatment

Dreaming of luscious, thick locks? With more than🖐️50 years of proven technology, we've been laser-focused on perfecting just one product – the ⭐Ido-Helmet Hair Growth Device⭐. Let's turn that dream into reality with a touch of magic... or shall we say, a magical helmet!

Did you know? This Low-Level Laser Technology was proven 50 years ago to boost blood circulation and enhance hair growth chances up to an astounding 98%! Not just that, it's also proudly FDA-certified from the USA.

hair growth device

Introducing... 🥁Ido-Helmet, the new-gen hair growth helmet, your at-home hair growth solution!

🔥Teknologi Canggih: With low-level laser therapy (LLLT), our helmet zaps those lazy hair follicles to life! Ready for a "hair fiesta"?

🔬Terbukti: Research shows LLLT is the secret to bid baldness goodbye! Trust in science, mates! Our lasers are also tuned to the perfect wavelength, ensuring hair growth like never before.

🛡 Keselamatan Diutamakan:
🌟 CTI European Union certification, for peace of mind.
🌟 RM1,000,000 product liability insurance, rest assured, you're in good hands.
🌟 6-month 100% refund guarantee if it doesn't work for you.
🌟 9 years as a trusted brand with over 200 Google & Facebook reviews rating us a brilliant 4.9 stars.
🌟 Boasting 180 lasers in one helmet, it's the top tier in hair growth helmets.

🧘Senang Guna: Just put on the Ido-Helmet for merely 25 minutes daily. Hit a button, and witness the hair magic! Got drama or music distracting you? No fuss! The helmet senses when it's not snug on your head and pauses by itself.

🍀Pertumbuhan Maksima: For best results, apply our Idoromo Hair Nourishing Liquid before each session. Give your hair the VIP treatment it truly deserves.

🎁Tawaran Hebat! Order now to enjoy a 0% installment plan. 

hair growth device

Your journey to hair brilliance starts with Ido-Helmet. Order yours and get ready for all the jaw-dropping reactions! 🎉✨

Customer service: Jowen Lim

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