Dandruff Treatment malaysia
Dandruff Treatment | Total Pack 750ml
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Dandruff Treatment | Total Pack 750ml

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Anti-Dandruff Treatment

This is a 6-month consumption. The average cost is only RM78/month and 0% 3-month installment is available upon checkout at the website!

Professional Home Haircare Solution

  • 3 in 1 bundle. 
  • Included 1 bottle of Scalp Balancing 750ml, 1 bottle of Spa Balancing 750ml, and 1 bottle of Luxury Treatment 750ml.
  • Removes excess oils that may stimulate dandruff formation.
  • These products can stop hair loss due to hair mites too.
  • Deep-cleanses & rinses clean for weightlessness and non-sticky.
  • Regulates a number of oils that your scalp produces and helps prevent future oiliness and excess sebum.


    1st Step - First 2 weeks: Scalp Balancing + Luxury Treatment
    2nd Step - After 2 weeks: Spa Balancing + Luxury Treatment
    3rd Step - Rotate Scalp Balancing and Spa Balancing every 3 days + Luxury Treatment

    Feel free to WhatsApp for further inquiry. 

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